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Laura Hall, NCC, CCC
Founder & Career Counselor
Phone/Text: 502.418.6091
COVID-19: Career Compass Global continues to serve clients via phone, Zoom, Skype and email. 

Career Compass Global (CCG) partners with you to help you map out and navigate your path to career satisfaction and success, assisting you in advancing your present career, or finding a new road to professional fulfillment.

Laura Hall provides the career counseling services at CCG. She is a Board Certified Career Counselor (CCC), recognized by the National Career Development Association (NCDA) for providing a full range of career services with a high level of expertise and the only Board Certified Career Counselor in Louisville, KY. Laura has helped hundreds of clients set and reach their career goals. She serves clients across all career stages and geographic locations:  

  • Mid-Career Changers
  • Executives
  • Outplacement Services
  • Young Professionals
  • College and Graduate Students
  • High School Seniors Planning for College
  • Parents Re-entering the Workforce
  • Individuals Planning for Retirement
  • Clients across the U.S. and Internationally
Client Testimonials: 

Career Counseling, Assessment & Planning

"Laura’s one-on-one approach and eagerness to get to know you are the ideal tools to help craft the perfect resume for you and your career. I would highly recommend Laura’s talents and skills to anyone either actively hunting for a great career move or just interested in doing an honest self-assessment of where they want their career to take them next." 
(Senior Product Design Engineer, Louisville, KY)

"Laura is amazing! I came to her as a client who sorely needed help finding that next great career. After a long and successful career in the federal sector, I was ready to make the switch to the corporate world, but didn't know how. Laura helped me narrow my focus, assisted with the dreaded resume writing, and ultimately helped me decide who and what I wanted to be. I love my new business and I know none of it would be possible without her expertise, patience and ability to see my true potential. Navigating the world of career transition would be foolish without her guidance." (Business Owner, Louisville, KY)

"I've been in my new job for six months now and I wanted to personally thank you for your coaching and guidance as I was in search of a new lease on my professional life. I cannot thank you enough for your support in helping me re-think what is most important to me." (Banking Professional, New Albany, IN)

"I am very impressed with Laura's dedication to helping me achieve my career goals. She has a strong grasp of the needs her clients present and a compassionate professionalism that fulfills them and yet goes beyond. Although I've spoken with many fine Career Counselors, Laura has my highest recommendation." (Social Services Program Manager, Campbellsville, KY)

"I worked with Laura when I was at a turning point in my career. After six years practicing law with a large firm, I felt stuck and undecided about whether to pursue a partnership track. Laura helped me to sort out which aspects of my work I enjoyed and how I could integrate some of my other interests into my career. She helped me to explore and consider career options that I hadn’t thought of before and helped me to see that making a non-traditional career choice was possible. When I decided to leave the firm, Laura helped me to re-frame my experience and skills in a new resume that got immediate results." (Attorney, Bethesda, MD)

"Thank you so much for all of your help throughout this process, from our initial contact when I had absolutely no idea what I wanted to do, to identifying positions that I was really excited about, to the loads of useful advice that you gave me about my resume, cover letters, interviewing, and the whole job application process. You have truly made my job search much easier than it otherwise would have been, and I greatly appreciate it. " (Higher Education Administrator, Austin TX)

"I wanted to thank you for all your help in our career counseling sessions. I've done a lot of thinking and searching and finally decided that a biology degree (cellular/physiology) would best suit me. I have completed my application to University of Louisville and plan to begin in the Spring semester. I really appreciate your assistance in helping me discover what type of career would be best for me. Thank you so much!" (Career Changer, Louisville, KY)

"Laura helped me to make a career transition by listening carefully, identifying themes, encouraging me to develop my strengths, and helping me paint a clearer picture of my future. I have consulted with her regularly for the last several years and believe her counsel has been an important element of my professional growth." (Human Resources Executive, Washington, DC)

"One of Laura's greatest strengths is her expertise with the big-picture, career-planning strategies that most job/career-seekers tend to neglect. While many candidates focus on short-term activities (resumes, interviews, and search strategies) to land the next job, few seekers expand that focus and invest the time on the more crucial activities -- long-term career assessments, planning and strategies. This is where Laura truly stands apart from her peers." (Management Consultant, Atlanta, GA)

"Thanks for all of your help. Your confidence and ideas helped me realize that I had to pursue my dreams! Here's a copy of my first article..."  (Writer/Editor, Washington,DC)

"And thank you again for all of your help! I really don't think I'd be anywhere with my career search without you and your insight." 
(Media professional, Louisville, KY)

"I was thrilled to find you. I have been seeking a job counselor for two years and was very excited when I found your website. I really enjoyed our first meeting. You helped open my eyes and also helped validate my experience. No matter what comes down the pike, yesterday was a total success for me in terms of the retrospective view of my past history. It helped place me in the context of where I am and why it is not a good fit. More than ever, I am ready to move forward. Thank you for your patience, understanding, kindness, insights, and knowledge." (Career Changer, Rockport, IN)

“I wanted to let you know that I'm back at school! I started a couple of weeks ago, and while it's a bit strange coming back, I'm excited about my opportunities. I want to thank you for helping me on a new path, and allowing me to discover a better future. With great appreciation…” (Engineering Student, Louisville, KY)

"I wanted to share news about my niece. You did such an amazing job guiding her 4 years ago. I will be forever grateful for your time, guidance and ideas. On Friday, she walked with other members of her class and received a special award. She will wrap up her classes in August when she’ll officially receive a Master in Occupational Therapy." (Career Changer, Louisville, KY)

Resume and Job Search Assistance

"I would like to share my reflection with those needing to stand out in a hyper-competitive job market. I hesitated for over a year to connect with Laura Hall’s services. After a layoff, my previous company had contracted with a major national outplacement firm to help with my resume, LinkedIn and my networking portfolios. I understand this package was valued around $1,000. I worked with various people over the course of two months. The outplacement team was good, their resources helpful, however; Laura’s professional expertise, knowledge and know-how were amazing. I felt the outplacement firm’s approach was less direct, compared with Laura’s that is right there with you getting things done effectively and efficiently. In short order, my resume that I had thought was solid, was nothing more than another draft. It is apparent that my new resume gives me the additional attention and edge I need. My LinkedIn page also is coordinated to compliment my resume. From the first few minutes with her, I had the peace of mind knowing I was receiving great value for my investment which I had been so hesitant to make. Don’t waste time if you’re a fence sitter. Laura’s accessibility, personal involvement and care combined with her years of experience, will go a long way in moving you towards your new job." 
(Career Changer, Louisville, KY) 

"I have seen Laura multiple times over the last couple of years. She helped me develop my resume after I finished grad school and also helped me practice for interviews. I had been searching for a job for months with no luck and after Laura did my resume and coached me on interviewing, I landed an amazing job! A year later, when I went for a promotion, I had another session with Laura to help me create a 30-60-90 day plan for my interview. I got the promotion! Trust me, she is magic. You will leave her office feeling as if you are the most qualified candidate in the world and that confidence is a large part of what helped me land those positions." (Program Manager, Louisville, KY)

"Thank you so much for the new resume. I love it. It makes my heart soar to see the past 25 years "transformed" in this way! I knew in my gut that this time was useful and productive, but I sure didn't know how to convey that in the way you did." (Parent Re-Entering the Workforce, Louisville, KY)

"I just wanted you to know that I will be forever grateful for your assistance in getting my resume straightened out! The first week after I submitted the rewrite, I had at least 10 calls from banks and other places I had applied. Within 48 hours I was working for the one place that was at the top of my list!! I'm still getting calls for positions that I no longer need! This is simply amazing to me and I cannot express how very grateful I am for the assistance you gave me!" (Banking professional, Louisville,KY)

"I am very happy with your resume revision. You do excellent work. What you have sent me really 'pops'." (Manager, Manufacturing Engineering, Louisville, KY)

"I turned to Laura when I was looking to move my career in a different direction and highlight my transferable skills to a new career path. Laura helped me retool my resume that detailed my previous 12 years of professional experience. Her insights and ideas on how to group my experiences helped me land two different jobs. I would highly recommend Laura and will use her again in the future when the need presents itself." (Managed Care Executive, Chicago, IL)

"As a young man fresh out of college I was eager to make a splash in the job market. Like the old saying goes, “ignorance is bliss”; I thought it would be as easy as applying, to become an employed, successful person. Days turned to weeks and weeks turned to months before my ambitions and spirits turned to impatience and panic. I realized I needed help. I started researching career counseling like I was looking for a new doctor to cure a disease. After some time and much consideration, I found Laura Hall. She was friendly, knowledgeable, precise and gave immediate correspondence to any email or call. In others words everything I WANTED and MORE!!! The facts are, before Laura, I created and posted a resume on where it only received a total of 4 views by potential employers. After Laura and the revised resume, I now have a total of 20 views. She also helped me with interview training, which proved to be great practice for the real thing. Ultimately, Laura helped land me a job and gave me back any confidence I lost in between. With the utmost urgency, I recommend her to anyone looking for career start, guidance, or change. SHE IS AWESOME. Thanks Laura!" 
(Account Executive, Louisville, KY)

"I was looking for a new job in a different city because of my husband's job transfer.That's difficult enough when you don't have connections in the new city, but even more difficult when you simply can't get your resume reviewed. I felt that my resume needed a face lift. A friend of mine recommended that I make an appointment with Laura. She interviewed me then reworded and redesigned my resume. This was a difficult resume to write because of a major career change a few years ago. It was difficult to communicate all of my past skills, and also incorporate that into my new career field. But Laura was able to do this in such a way that my resume communicated all of my skills, new and old, very effectively. After a six-month job search with no results, I received several phone calls within 2 weeks of using my new resume. Then, when I finally got the call I was really interested in, I worked with Laura to prepare for the interview. Laura was so easy to work with and she really helped me be on top of my game for the interview. Within just a few weeks of meeting Laura, I landed a job where I couldn't be more happy." (Non-Profit Executive, Louisville, KY)

"Just wanted to give you an update! I am a bit overwhelmed over the response I've had since I started to apply for jobs with the resume you made for me. I've had 4 interviews in less than a week and I actually had a job offer, but I decided to turn it down because I didn't feel it was the right fit for me. I am just blown away over what a difference the changes on the resume have made! Thanks again for all your help!" (Finance Professional, New Albany, IN)

"Thanks to your wonderful counseling and re-working of my resume, I got the Museum Director job!!! I am really excited about it. I just wanted to let you know I am very grateful for your help!" (Arts Management Professional, Louisville, KY)

"Laura was essential in helping me prepare for my next career move. Laura is insightful and resourceful in dealing with career challenges and her ability to identify disadvantages and strengths were fundamental in preparing me for situations I would face in the process of changing positions. In great part due to her support, I was not only chosen but I was able to choose between attractive offers." (Marketing Manager, Louisville, KY)

"I accepted the job! Thanks so much for all that you've done for me! The power of an articulate resume is everything!"  
(Financial Services professional, Louisville, KY)

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