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Laura Hall, NCC, CCC
Founder & Career Counselor
Phone/Text: 502.418.6091
Career Compass Global's Services:
Career Assessment: CCG can help you gain clarity about your strengths and how they can be applied to your professional life.  A customized assessment package is developed for you based on your particular situation. This begins with an initial interview where information about your work and personal history is gathered. Based on this interview, the counselor may recommend one or more assessments if more information in a specific area would be helpful. Options include the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, the Strong Interest Inventory, the Narrative Career Interview and a variety of other interest, skill and values assessments. Results from assessments taken previously, can be incorporated into the assessment as well. Upon completion of the assessment, you will receive a personalized interpretation of the results and recommendations for next steps in your career planning. For more information about assessments or to get started now with finding your career direction, see CCG's "Get Started" page.

Resume-writing: CCG will work with you to create a customized resume which leverages your past experience and skills in order to reach your new destination. This process begins with a session where the counselor gathers information about past work experiences and accomplishments. The counselor then provides recommendations on how to revise your resume for optimal results or, if you prefer, edits the resume for you geared toward your current professional goal. 
Interview Coaching:  CCG can help you prepare for interviews. The counselor works with you to assess the target position and identify the skills and qualities that you wish to highlight in the interview. The counselor then helps you identify examples from your previous experience that best exemplify these skills and coaches you on weaving them into the interview. We help you to strategize how to approach potentially difficult interview situations (discussing employment gaps, termination, negative employment experiences). Mock interviews are offered to give clients an opportunity to practice their interviewing techniques and receive constructive feedback. 
Job Offer Assessment and Salary Negotiation: CCG assists clients in evaluating job offers and assessing and selecting among multiple offers on the basis of fit with interests, skills and values and how they align with your short-and long-term career goals. We teach clients how to negotiate salary and benefits packages. 
Navigating Career Challenges: CCG can assist in developing strategies for coping with challenging situations in the workplace such as layoffs, personality conflicts, underemployment, transitioning to retirement, and reentry into the job market. CCG can help you to develop skills to manage the anxiety and stress that sometimes accompany career transition.  

Applying to Graduate or Professional Schools: 
CCG can help you identify and apply to graduate or 
professional training programs. We assist in the application process by developing a strategy for personal statements and essays, preparing for admissions tests, obtaining strong letters of recommendation and preparing for admissions interviews.

Career Planning/Job Search AssistanceIf you 
know what career and/or job you want, but need help getting 
there, CCG can help you create an individualized job search strategy and career plan. This might involve: identifying resources related to occupations of interest or relevent labor market trends, gathering and processing options for training or professional development activities that will help you reach your goals, creating a networking plan to help you make the connections that will grow your career, incorporating or improving your use of social media in your job search activities, and/or developing a job search action plan with realistic, acheivable goals.
Planning for College/Selecting a Major: CCG works with high school seniors to help them assess how various academic programs and majors align with their personal interests, skills and career goals.  Assessment instruments designed especially for this purpose are available and can aid students in making the most of their college experience.